Progress and Challenges Le' Sigh
its been how many days now since I posted? Lookie Im posting again... So I have decided what way to go with my story for the NaNoWriMo thingy... still not sure what the synopsis will be or what but I got some.. well a bunch really down now.. I'm so proud i am officially one day ahead of schedule. Ive got just over 14k words and its looking pretty good.. Been writing like a mad woman lately. Its really all screwed up right now nothing worth shareing just yet but its comming along at least. I've literally just been writing and not worrying about spelling or any type of editing.. like at. all. but it is starting to take form. Its about a girl and a guy and.. well its complicated lmao

How has everyone else been lately? Is anyone else taking up the challenge? Or am I on this venture alone? I know it will never be published but I have to admit that just writing it is giving me a ton of pleasure. RL has been a mess lately and I think the writing has given me something to look forward to. A place I can get away from my RL and imagine and enjoy yanno? A place I create solely and anything can happen.

Speaking of RL.. have I told you that my MIL and FIL have moved in with us? Mmhmmm.. Chaos. They brought their beast of a dog as well. He is a purebred long haired German Shepard. And a royal PITA!! He is MIL's baby.. He gets away with murder... swipes the rain off his fur on my furniture.. lays under the dining room table while we eat... literally and I do mean literally sticks his face in front of yours whenever you do anything that makes noise. He has no sense of personal space I swear. Open a bag of chips? Dax is there... Open a new package of toilet paper? Dax is there. Cant even cook in the kitchen without trying to step over this mass of a dog who constantly has to be in there if anyone else is. *rolls eyes* Its not fun. And then MIL? OMG someone give me a muzzle. UGH In all honesty she isnt as bad as I was expecting it to be. She has her days... many of them. But she has a good heart and honestly just "thinks" she is helping. Like when she thought it would be nice to get up super early and clean our bathroom that's right off my bedroom. And rearrange my toiletries and the cabinets and the pantry. *blinks* Wasn't that sweet? All that noise early in the morning.. so sweet. I only had to wait an hour after finally giving up any hope of sleeping in on a Saturday to use the potty. Only an hour. to empty my almost exploding bladder. But at least she made up for it by making dinner that night.. She tries.

Is anyone else having as much fun as I am?
Lawdy Be!
OMG.. someone needs to nudge me a lil harder from time to time.. Yanno.. (pears at Dina) Maybe I should jus st delete this blog.. lmao! I write in this about as much as Haley's Comet comes by!! And yanno what I did today?

Even though I cant seem to commit to writing in a blog on a daily basis.. Im a friggin moron! I signed up for the NaNoWriMo! Ahhhhh... What have I done???

I will conquer it right? RIGHT? Omg someone say right already!

I still am not sure where it is going.. supposed to be writing several thousand words a day and day two into it and I have ohhh 239 words.. .:gulps:. I swear I have lost the ability to think clearly, properly and sainly. 50k words... in a month.. that all work together to tell a story.. *blinks*

Of course if I do manage to pull this amazing feat out of my arse I will post it here for you all to mock/cheer/rant/bitch about. Or I guess at very least have it as a backup copy for some unknown god forsaken reason. How many of you are still here anyway..

*grabs a flashlight and peers into the cobwebbed corners*.. anyone?
Ok this is an extra post nothing to do with style unless you count the style of the hawties hehe..

Dina and I are apprently destined to draw people to us. No matter where we go or what we do there is always great fun to follow. Amazing people and public places make for great conversation and attitude. Yesterday was no exception. We got together as we usuaally do to do a bit of grocery shopping and breakfast. We get to the resturant and there are a group of cuties sitting at the table next to us. They of course start chatting us up.. thats not the unusual part lol. While in the mist of chatting with them one of them decided to bolt up from the table and run off out of the resturant.. we noticed but didnt pay much attention til he comes back in with a guitar case. They proceeded to stand and gather themselves together and loudly ask everyone in the resturant if anyone minded if they perform a song. Dina and Ijust looked at each other in a confused state at this point. And they proceeded to sing a song to us. I guess little did they know but we both pulled out of phone and caught it on video. It was great.. they werent bad either... did I mention they were hotties? *giggles*

Ok so without further ado... here is the video...

Now don't ask cause what they call themselves cause we dont know anymore.. we wrote it down but we lost the napkin somewhere lmao.. oopsie... but if we run into them again we will find out =)

Did I mention they were cuties? hmm... well they were =P
Short & Sweet
Soo... Todays Style is all about comfy sheek..

Best way to be comfy and still manage to look sofisticated.. (sorta)
A Short Denim skirt pairs with a ribbed tank and a subtle, simple classy looking Shrugs pulls this outfit from the trashy look to the classy look. Not looking to win a fashion show but to spend time with friends in something that will work no matter where you go, A trip to the mall or out clubbin with the girls, this outfit does it all. Paired with a set of stiletto heels and your ready to rock. Just make sure you bring along a comfy pair of slippers hehe

This look is actually a handful of designers all pairs together.. from top to bottom it just amazes me at how well they really do mix. A mix and match ensemble that makes ya feel as sexy as it does comfortable. Short, Sweet, and Simple today!

Hair - Truth
Skin - LAQ
Shrug - SMS *So Many Styles*
Tank - Callie Cline
Skirt - Nyte N Day
Shoes - H&S *Heart & Sole*

..Thanksgiving Style...
We all know what you're thankful for. Your family, your health, your freedom, the food on your table, the clothes on your back, your good friends and of course Fridays.

But seriously. Is that what you're really thinking when you gather around the Thanksgiving table and hold hands and bow your heads and wait for Grandpa to finish muttering his thanks to 125 years worth of relatives you never heard of before you can dig into the mashed potatoes?

Your family and friends know you're thankful for them. They know you appreciate all the times you bum rides or borrow money from them. They know that you really like the puke-green knitted afghan they got you for your birthday. So let's not waste our time engaging in tired cliches of Thanksgiving. Let's be honest.

Me, I'm thankful for a lot of things. Freshly made hot cocoa, drive-through fast food, pens with erasers, grilled cheese sandwiches, books, DVD burners, Best Buy, Walmart, broadband connections, White Russians, Amazon, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, anti-lock brakes, four-wheel drive, movie previews, push-up bras, SPELLCHECK, keyboard shortcuts, Comfy Mary Janes, Twilight, Carnivals, Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme, double orgasms, cigarettes and Zippos, punk rock, White-Out, cordless keyboards, post-its, biodegradable tampons, Excedrin Migraine, headphones, highlighters, hot bagels, VH1, microwave ovens, mircowave popcorn, Toaster Streudels, sporks, DVD extras, Mel Gibson, peel-and-stick postage stamps, talking Hulk Hands, the Food Network, Showtime HBO & Starz, ATM machines, hooded sweatshirts, Homer Simpson, School Days, Second Life, Photoshop, Wii, public libraries and Chocolate.

Just to name a few.

So here's your chance to bypass the usual sappiness and overwrought words of thanks which you will surely be, in droidlike fashion, trotting out at the dinner table and which you will, by morning, regret saying because you realize that you actually hate your family, to give thanks to the unsung heroes of our lives; material possessions, intangible goodness, and anything that would make living out each of the seven deadly sins possible. What, besides the usual, are you thankful for?

You do not have to live in America to participate. I mean, even Europeans are thankful for some things, no? And, I'm not a total tool. I do have a real, heartfelt thanks to a special group of people.

Dinalya = First and foremost the best friend that anyone could ever have. No matter what goes on or has gone on in my life or hers she has always stood right beside me tall and steady. She is a rock and a mentor and someone whom I know would be sitting there in the jail cell with me laughing our asses off.

Aurora = I have known you forever it seems and although we don't get to talk or see each other as much anymore, I know that if it ever came down to it you would come bail me and Dina out asap.

Sands = For making Dinalya a happy woman. For holding her close and sharing your heart with her. For holding her tight and letting her know in ways that I can't how wonderful and amazing her heart is.

There are more but I would rather leave them out of this post at this time.. Be thanful for the little things, Things no one else would even admit to being thankful for this year because they dont want to sound materialistic, Be the oddball and thank god for shiny pennies and new dollar Bills! You will not regret it tomorrow =)

So we were all waiting on the bus to come today.. Was heading out for a shopping trip when it all started.. it was chaos! Aurora thought we were silly to argue over something so simple.. But I'm tellin you she said completely casual... she dun look as casusal as we did. Dina looks gorgeous as usual but far from as casual as we were..

So of course Aurora gets sick of us argueing and decides to grab the bus instead of telling us it was there.. well we prolly should have been payin attention. So there we stand.. Aurora left us.. and what do we do? Walk? No Way!!.. We steal a car.. well that proved to be the wrong choice too..
So now I sit in a hospital bed remembering my thanksgiving day. I love my friends.. my family.. and my Slife.. But remind me not to argue with Dina again while we are out =P

(This story is fictional to provide entertainment purposes only.. Dina is not a murderer...Please do not try this in RL)

Hugs to you all! And happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it!!

Kredits :

Clothing - Total Betty
Hair - Truth
Skin - Belleza
Boots - R2 Fashion

Aurora & Kerra:
Clothing - Total Betty
Hair - Truth
Skin - LAQ


....Ugh.. title says it all! I feel like this lil gal looks....
so today I decided to run our with my bestie and I felt fine.. sneezing oddly but fine otherwise. All was peachy until almost bedtime for kids.. I am sick now =( Stuffy nose.. slight fever.. headache.. And to top it all off I had to cook dinner 3 times for myself tonight *sigh* A wise woman once said to me.. "At least the ony way to go is Up from here" Me thinks (hopes) she is right!!
SL was a bust tonight. Was gonna hop in and take a few shots tonight but when I logged in I couldnt change anything,. I guess those of you who are SLers know what I mean. Isnt that annoying as sin? I guess I we should all thank our stars if that was our only problem with SL tonight. A friend of mine logged in and was uglier then a newbie. She said her skin and all clothes and hair were gone could not be loaded so SL in their sweet fashion decided to recreate her toon for her and she was dark brown skinned with no details whatsoever.. no shirt.. a plain old white jacket (opened) and plain white pants with socks n shoes.. said she looked like a newbie who stayed in the sun waaaaay too long. She could change anything except her shirt and pants. Needless to say she didnt stay in very llong at all lol. I am sooo thankful SL likes me more lmao....
Anyway long story short I will not be posting anything worthy tonight but wanted to catch up n let you all know I aint posting! =P
Im gonna take me some nyquil n curl up in covers n watch some tv til I pass out! NIGHTERS!!
Another Day another Doller..

Ok so yesterday Dina and I got into SL and she found this really neat photobooth. Looks like one of those photobooths you would find at a mall or at an amusement park somewhere thats just barely big enough for two people to sit in and get a pic taken. Usually takes 4 snapshots for a coupke bucks. Well we got in it and started fidgiting around with it and we made the above pics.. I swear to god when we get together we laugh so hard we cry. Yesterday was no exception. On top of the photo abuse we were on the phone and Plurking as well lol, Dina is one of those people who life just isnt not nearly as much fun or worth living without. If you dont have a dina in your life I suggest you find your Dina.. Once you do you won't know how you survivied without her! I didn't know taking photos could be THAT much fun lol. Thanks Dina!! I love you girl!! Not only can you make me laugh but you make me pee my pants and cry all at the same time and that takes real talent!!

Dress - Prelude
Hair - Zero Style
Skin - Belleza

Studio - Scribble

Top - Stellar
Pants - Gypsy Soul
Hair - Magika
Skin - Redgrave


Dress - Gypsy Soul
Hair - Magika
Skin - Redgrave

So after I got done wiping my tears I went and decided it was time I go through my cluttered inventory some and take a few snapshots of a a few outfits that I love.. I am in no way a critic but sometimes there is something you just want to share yanno what I mean? Well this outfit is one of those! It screams comfort and sweetness.. whitch is soo totally me.. quit laughing!

This next outfit is something that I just addored.. although I rarely wear it without pants like it was meant to be worn.. Its seductive but not overwhelming.. I unno.. I think its gorgeous. Its actually a really gark emeral green but almost looks black. its beautiful!

Outfit - PixelDolls
Hair - Magika
Skin - Redgrave

shirt - SDVavoom
Shorts - *Dazzle*
Hair - Magika
Skin - Redgrave

This outfit is one of those outfit I love to wear just anging around and doing whatever. I found the shirt and thought it would look amazing with a pair of dazzle shorts I had in inventory and it did hehe.. looks good with a pair of jeans too. Its just one of those versitile shirts you can wear with almost any type of bottom and it will look good. Ive worn it with skirts, shorts, and pants. Depending on the occasian you can even dress it up. Country gal at her best hehe...

Well I guess thats all from me for today.. Hopefully I will remember to blog more often but dun hold yer breath cause I am just one of those people who have abillion and a half things to do and deal with to remember something like blogging. Wish I knew a way to make it a priority.. But with kids in school now I should have more time to do this now.. YAY! Ok so will see you on the next entry.. Have a great one!

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